Owner: Paul Stallings
Project: The Hotel on Rivington
Location: 107 Rivington Street, New York City
Project Type: Technology / Network Rebuild
Project Scope: Upgrade and Stabilize all IT Systems


The Hotel on Rivington is a 109 room boutique hotel located on the lower east side of Manhattan. After a successful opening of the hotel in 2004, ownership turned to Wildedge in 2006 to assist it with the stabilizing of its technology infrastructure.

After an initial assessment, Wildedge recommended a number of enhancements in order to provide more security, efficiency and overall stability to the hotel's myriad servers and front and back office computers and the hotel's property management system Opera PMS. Over a three month engagement period, Wildedge rebuilt and re-structured the configuration of the hotel's entire technology infrastructure, while seamlessly coordinating with a number of external vendors including Micros Fidelio, Opera, MAS-90, Oracle and Paetec to maintain 99.9% uptime through the transition. We were also able to provide a single point of accountability for the management of the hotel's IT resources and security, while creating a stable operating environment for the entire hotel staff.

Wildedge addressed ownership's needs in stabilizing and upgrading its IT infrastructure and other technology needs, including the wired and wireless networks and associated security, employee e-mail and server security, maintenance and backups, front desk reservation and PMS systems, and the POS system for the restaurant, as well as maintenance and security for the back office computers and various other technology needs. Since our engagement, the Hotel on Rivington has seen a dramatic increase in the efficiency and stability of all of its systems.